Gibson Park Pool

The pool is closed for the season. We will reopen in June 2020.

Thank you to everyone for making 2019 a great summer!

see bottom of page for FAQs


Pool Fees 2019

Daily Use:
$3 per person
$1.50 per person (morning lap swim)

Pool Passes:
2019 Pool Pass Form
$65 for one person plus $20 for each additional person in same house
1 Person - $65
2 People - $85
3 People - $105
4 People - $125
5 People - $145

Swimming Lessons:
2019 Registration Form
**Your spot is not reserved in a class until payment is received.

Pool Parties: 
2019 Pool Party Form
The pool is available for parties between 5-8pm on Saturday and Sunday
2 Hours - $60 + Lifeguards
3 Hours - $75 + Lifeguards
40 people or less - two lifeguards @ $10/hour each
More than 40 people - three lifeguards @ $10/hour each
Pool parties can be booked for Saturdays and Sundays, starting with June 15.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What are the pool hours?

Tuesday - Saturday: Noon - 5pm
Sunday: 1-5pm

Lap Swim
Tuesday - Saturday: 8-10am 

Do I need bring any equipment (floaties etc.) with my child for swimming lessons?
No, just bring the child ready to get in the water!

Do I need to get in the water with my child during swimming lessons?
Only for the 3-5 yr old age group. For all other ages, the parents are not in the water with the child.

How do I determine what Level of class my child should take?
Most children will be Level 1 or 2. If you are not sure, register for a Level 1 or 2 class and the instructors will assess whether the child should be in a higher level.

What happens if it rains during swimming lessons? During a pool party?
We will do our best to make up that day during the two-week timeframe of the lessons.

If a pool party is cancelled for weather before it begins then you do not have to pay for the rental, though the deposit is forfeited. No make up date is guaranteed.

If a pool party is cancelled after it has begun there are no refunds and the full amount of hours are due to the lifeguards regardless of how much time they actually were there.

What happens if there is thunder and lightning after I've paid to swim for the day?
If the weather clears, you are allowed to return the same day without paying to re-enter. If the pool closes for the day, however, we do not issue "rain" checks or refunds.

Is there a specific time for adult lap swimming?
Yes, 8-10am Tuesday through Friday. Also during open swim days, the pool is cleared of children the last 15 minutes of every hour so that adults may swim.

Do I have to be a Polk County resident to swim at the pool?
No, anyone may swim as long you pay the entry free or have a pool pass.

Can I bring lunch or other food into the pool?
No food or drinks items are allowed inside the pool fenced area, with the exception of water, but you can eat lunch or snacks (purchased and/or brought from home) at picnic tables outside the fence.