Community Development (Building Inspection, Environmental Health, and Planning & Zoning) will be closed to the Public until further notice. 

In response to a confirmed positive COVID-19 case, Polk County Government is taking unprecedented steps to protect our staff and the general public – in particular the high-risk populations we serve. To continue to serve our citizens, please contact the office you need directly, and they will instruct you on how your business may be conducted. If it cannot be done remotely, you may be asked to schedule an appointment. Visit for a list of all County Department contact information.
Building Inspection – 828-894-3739
Environmental Health – 828-894-3739
Planning & Zoning – 828-894-2732

Forms & Documents 
 Application  Appeal Handout
 General Rules  Conditional Use Handout
 Quasi-Judicial Rules of Procedure  Variance Handout

2021 Meetings 5:00 p.m.
 January 5 - canceled July 6
 February 2 - Full Meeting Packet
 Variance Public Notice - Thorpe packet
 Conditional Use Public Notice - Smith packet
 August 3
 March 2  September 7
 April 6  October 5
 May 4  November 2
 June 1  December 7

Board of Adjustment
 Mailing Address   PO Box 308, Columbus, NC 28722 
 Members  Betty Hill
 Neal Barton

 Halcott Green
 Frank Monterisi
 Paul Weidman

 Joshua Collier
 James Alexander Hagerty, Jr.
 Michael Axelrod
 Lisa Krolak
 Robert L. Lariscey